The 'offroad' market has always had many accessories to customize profiles and experiences, always aiming for the best performance on trails.

This has also always represented a high cost to acquire the best markers, functions, instruments and other items to provide a complete experience in nature.


Role: UI Designer
Plataform: HMI
Tools: Figma, Miro, Photoshop
Timeline: 4 meses
Client: Troller
Year: 2021
Location: Brazil


The launch of a new multimedia, combined with a high level of customization, aimed to offer a unique "offroad" performance experience.

The project's proposal was to combine connectivity and traditional instruments in a specially designed UX design for this purpose


This project's users are primarily those who enjoy driving offroad, including offroad enthusiasts and people who seek excitement and adventure in their car trips.


We conducted a quantitative research during the UX process to identify the main pains and customization needs that offroad vehicle users usually have in situations such as trails, competitions, or off-road adventures.

After the launch, we measured the success of the product through feedback collected through SAC channels and the interest of dealers in offering the new product for previous models of the vehicle, which was very important for the brand's Marketing and Sales team.


The solution we created included a connected infotainment system, featuring features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, supported by the Android operating system and with embedded apps and data management. Additionally, an artificial intelligence-based voice concierge and integrations with mobile apps were also part of the product.

Time was a significant challenge, but we overcame it by using atomic design during the user interface development, which allowed us to manage changes more quickly and maintain alignment with the Ford Global branding book and visual communication.

We worked intensely on the development of screen flows and assets, and validated them with the Ford USA and the client's studio teams.

Conclusions and lessons learned

The project was a success according to the manufacturer and had a positive impact on the offroad vehicle market.

Planned future software updates aim to further enhance the customer experience, including CAN commands for features such as air conditioning and 4x4, as well as integrated applications for vehicle health management and gamification of competitions and records.

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